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Meeting Others

There are several small groups that meet in a warm and friendly home environment on most days and evenings. 

All the  Groups are very much alive & kicking and they extend an open invitation to you to come along and see for yourself.



Make New Friends Explore Your Faith




  Join A Group              The Big Question?

Orchardhill offers a wide variety of housegroups which meet throughout the week at various times. If you are interested in joining a group or finding out more, contact the church office. For those of you who have never contemplated going to a housegroup now is the time to consider it.

There are many benefits including, Christian fellowship, spiritual growth, support through difficult times, getting to know one another on a more meaningful level, open discussions about key issues surrounding the Christian faith and having a good time. (We don't forget how to enjoy ourselves - there are regular social evenings as well!)

Some of the material which has been used and which is currently being used will be available for anyone to look through either before or after the service on a Sunday, or at The Orchard.


 For more information:-


Phone the Church Office on 0141 638 3604


The House and Friendship Groups extend an open invitation to you to come along and try for yourself.



The Big Question?

Do you wonder about why we are here?  Life after death?  Suffering?  The point of religion?  Faith or action? If so, why not come along to a new group to chat about these and other questions.

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