Lodging House Mission




Thanks for the overwhelming contributions to Croftfoot over the past few weeks - currently we’re collecting for the Lodging House Mission


LHM are making around 60 food and 60 toiletry packs a week, and would be grateful for the following -

Toiletries (all male): Shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, shaving foam, disposable razors, wet wipes / baby wipes. We were also supplying up until recently, lightweight scarves that could be used for face shielding but we have exhausted our supply and so will now be buying face masks instead.

Food items: tinned potatoes, tinned meals (example, macaroni & cheese or minced beef & onion, or beans & sausages etc.),tinned meat, jars of pasta sauce (but not the pasta itself),cereal, biscuits, cup-a-soups, pot noodles, coffee, tinned veg (but not beans).

The Church will be open next week on Monday and Wednesday from 10.00am - 12noon.

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