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Food Recycling Products from the BB





We are approved suppliers of Bio Bag products in East Renfrewshire.


 A great number of homes in East Renfrewshire were provided with the white bucket for food recycling and  this bucket was causing people to complain about it always looking dirty and full of liquid inside. The Boys' Brigade at Orchardhill investigated and found that during a test, prior to the introduction to the East Renfrewshire area, 30,000 homes were provided with a Max Air vented food caddy and Bio Bags to keep the waste food in.  Householders approved this and the council thereafter for financial reasons were forced to issue homes with a white plastic bucket and bags were no longer supplied.

The white bucket will retain food but a down side is that the food in the bucket stays moist and smells foul within a short time when the lid is lifted.

Bio Bags (Scotland) Ltd owner Karen MacKenzie on learning of our interest provided an insight into the cost the council would incur uplifting wet food waste from the homes as opposed to food stored in a vented caddy such as the Max Air Caddy which was a fantastic difference.

We decided to help our community and entered into an agreement with Bio Bags (Scotland) Ltd to provide our community with Bio Bag products at competitive prices.




The MaxAir II ventilated basket is designed to allow air to pass all around the food and in doing so allows the food to dry quicker. The basket has square edges and a lid that stays up when lifted.  This allows food to be simply scraped into the caddy.  This is the leading system for domestic food waste collection. The ventilated basket which reduces weight and volume of the waste will also keep the food waste "fresh" avoiding unpleasant smalls.

Available from the BB, the Church office or at the Orchard and normally costs only £12.50

Limited Time offer Cady plus 1 roll of bags £10


 Food Bags

We have Bio Bags food bags available that fit both the white bucket and the Max Air II Food Caddy. The size of the bags provide enough room to lift the bag out of the caddy and still have room to add some more waste food before tying it up.

Bio Bags for

the white pail are 6 ltr sized

the green vented csaddy are 7ltr sized

Both are avaible at only £2.75 per roll of 25 bags.

New stlye 7ltr bags are now available.  

This additional material provides a slight increase in capacity but allows the bag to be tied up easier.  This change follows many customer requests. 

Stock is available from the Church Office or The Black Door Shop 

Special Offer on Bags 4 rolls £10   Save £1 when you buy 4 rolls.


Food bags can be posted out if required but we will have to charge for that unfortunately.

email now for prices and delivery arrangements

(substitute -at- with @ in the email address above.  This is to prevent spam.)


The 86th Glasgow Company Boys’ Brigade is a Scottish Registered Charity No SC032298



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