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Welcome - thank you for your interest. 

Firstly let us say at the outset that you don't have to become a member to share in the life of Orchardhill, although we would obviously be delighted if you did.

Many people from within our parish and surrounding areas have found their experience of the faith community at Orchardhill one that gives them a different way to cope with life; gives them a stimulating perspective on Christianity in the 21st Century. 

New members, seekers, explorers, questioners and doubters are always welcome and we are willing to help you affirm "your Orchardhill" as your spiritual home and to work towards understanding our faith.  If you would like to know more or talk to someone about becoming a member, please contact our Minister Gillian Rooney, or drop us a line through the Church Office, or simply call on (0141) 638 3604. Tuesday - Friday 9:30am  - 1:30pm.


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