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SoundWaves children’s music group began in November 1990 with 33 boys and girls and its first stage show, “Holy Moses” was in May 1991.  The emphasis has been to encourage children to develop their musical talents – singing and instruments – and enjoy being part of various sized musical groups.  There are also opportunities for solos in our public performances. We want the children to have fun and develop a lifelong interest in music.  Some of our present leaders were members and four of our former members are now professional musicians!

 Some of the youngsters are involved with the Church in other ways.  SoundWaves has contributed to many Sunday services and every December in the Church we present the Christmas story and message.

 SoundWaves has also donated a huge amount to various charities, linked to Church of Scotland projects and other good causes, from monies raised from show profits and specific fundraisers.  A sum in excess of £19,000 has been donated over the years.

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